About Nivo

Nivo is more than a platform - we're an ecosystem of finance professionals. 

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Our Story

Nivo was established by CEO Michael Common and Co-founder Matthew Elliott, both formerly senior staff within a global bank.

Mike and Mat have witnessed first-hand the pressure on financial services to adapt to the demands of consumers in an increasingly-digitised world. 

Nivo was born by prototyping and experimenting with how financial services would look and feel if it embraced the power and trends of modern technology. Through this work, the huge potential of an instant messaging platform built for financial services and other regulated industries became ever more apparent.

Our Vision

The financial services market has been too complex for too long. 

We want to make it easier for people to get the right financial products for them. 

We believe secure, digital communication that connects lenders, brokers, partners and customers can eliminate incredible amounts of wasted time and effort, creating experiences customers and staff love for their ease and convenience.

Our Values

Our business and our people are guided by our founding principles - every day.

Service - Nivo is founded on the desire to help people access the right financial products, and support the organisations who want to serve them. Everything we do is designed to empower fantastic service.

Speed - Digital technologies move fast, and so do we. We integrate seamlessly and quickly, so we can help our customers keep ahead of a changing market.

Security - We understand that staying secure and compliant is vital. Our product development is predicated on security and compliance.

- Our platform and processes are constantly improving as new technologies emerge and markets adapt. We implement new learnings all the time, so our customers can focus on delivering outstanding customer service.

Growth - We understand our customers’ need for growth - we’re growing too. Our platform makes it easier than ever to grow your customer base and take your business to the next level.

Our Technology

With information security, data privacy, and compliance as top priorities, a lot of companies struggle with digital transformation projects. Nivo is quick to deploy, simple to integrate, and easy to test the benefits.

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