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Cook the perfect bot

27th Sep 2017

Who doesn’t love a treat that delivers the perfect combination of happier customers and greater efficiency?

Bots have certainly proved a tantalising prospect in recent times for company leaders. Millions of pounds have already been ploughed into these solutions. Unfortunately all those that we’ve tried to date have tended to leave a sour aftertaste of bad client experience and outcomes. Tedious unintuitive questions and stock responses that miss the nuance of the question. Urrgh. In the past customer sales and service and relationship management has seen similar trends of widely adopted solutions built in the name of efficiency and hated by customers. Poorly implemented offshore call centres. Annoying IVR systems.

The prospect of good bot solutions are there for us all to see however. AI is maturing to an extent that it can’t be ignored. My 5 year old knows she’s far more likely to get a sensible (and correct) answer to a question from Alexa rather than me. To achieve the desired results in customer sales, service and relationship management, you just need to allow the solution time to breath. Do it well, and you’ll get the added benefit of happier and more engaged customers.

Here is our recipe for the successful deployment of a customer sales and service bot:

Step 1

First get customers to engage over messaging. This shouldn’t be a problem as it is how most people communicate given the choice. Use Nivo to quickly and cheaply get your customers onto a secure and convenient messaging solution. This is the only network built for the purpose of establishing the requisite trust for customer sales, service and relationship management without compromising experience. We’d warn against the use of poor imitation products trying to capitalise on market demand without properly understanding the potential. Also aim to avoid solutions which only restrict conversation with your own organisation (the customer agitation this causes results in bitterness).

Step 2

Carefully start responding to messages with your trained and proven human agents. You’ll begin to see 2-6 times efficiency just by staffing conversations over messaging rather than over the phone. Keep stirring and you’ll soon see happier customers and improved efficiency come to the boil.

Step 3

Gradually introduce bots to the Nivo APIs. Go slowly at first, experimenting and carefully monitoring results. You can even try different bots to see how they perform in the mix. Make sure you constantly check the temperature of your customers and the activities they are doing.

Step 4

After a while you’ll start to see the perfect blend of bots and humans, presenting customers with a feast of prompt and effective messaging, all done at a fraction of today’s costs.

Serve with a side of smugness. You are no doubt the person in your organisation who saw ahead of the rest of the market, the opportunity to use secure messaging and bots to deliver a material step change in your customer proposition.

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