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Connect and get the job done

Offer a full range of service and sales over mobile messaging.

Nivo ensures you know who you’re talking to and that data is safe, so there are no constraints on what you can do.

Simple servicing

Nivo is ideal for when customers just want to get things done.

They can ask you anything and make instructions, over a familiar channel whenever it suits them.

Increase engagement and deepen relationships

By making things so convenient, it’s much more likely that customers will engage.

And because it’s outbound too, you can reach out with personalised messages to show your customers that you know them.

Share files, agree terms and open products

You can share photos and documents, and get legally binding agreements to terms and conditions with a simple ‘I agree’ message.

No more post, no more paper, no more signatures.

Compliant audit trail

A single record of all communications is stored securely with a full history of who said what, to whom – making it safer and easier than ever to manage and control.

Empower customers

Make life much easier and put customers in control.

9 of 10 customers want to message their brands (1). But most business can’t support this experience as mainstream solutions aren’t suitable for sensitive conversations.

Nivo solves this problem so you can offer a level of convenience and trust beyond what’s possible with any other solution.

Everybody loves messaging

Instant messaging has exploded as a channel of choice, changing the way we communicate.

A message can be responded to immediately or it can wait. Conversations fit around busy lifestyles, picked up whenever it’s convenient.

It puts customers in control of the conversation.

A better alternative

No more stress of phoning call centres, going on hold, annoying IVR, the wrong department, running out of time…

No need to commit to a live chat session, waiting for an agent who is trying to serve five other customers at the same time, or starting from scratch when the connection drops.

Do more, all in one place

Traditional secure digital solutions force customers to have lots of apps, unfamiliar interfaces and separate passwords for each of their service providers.

With Nivo, it’s one app, one login and a range of service providers all in one place. And the ability to get a complete range of customer service, as easy as sending a text message.

With Nivo, customers aren’t just in control of a conversation, they’re in control of their services.

Cost effective

Nivo messaging is 2-6X more efficient than the phone.

The majority of customer service is still being done on the phone, at an average cost of over £4 per conversation, so there’s a lot of efficiency to shoot for.

Agent productivity

With Nivo messaging, agents can manage multiple conversations at the same time and because customers don’t expect an immediate response, there’s no need to commit to having whole conversations in one go.

This means that agents can be active across multiple conversations without the pressure of maintaining a ‘live’ dialogue.

And messages can easily be routed to the best expert to serve a particular query.

Compared to alternatives such as secure live chat, messaging feels more personal, organic, and less constrained by time 1.

Flexibility and control

When your customers don’t expect an immediate response, your contact centre benefits from a new level of flexibility over response times.

You have the option to target a ‘live’ experience or spread conversations out over longer periods.

This flexibility is a powerful lever for workforce optimisation, allowing you to smooth demand and adjust service levels to match your capacity, without frustrating customers.

Eradicate ID&V overheads

Nivo automatically provides information on whether customers have been authenticated and verified, so your agents can get straight in to providing service.

There’s a healthy saving here, given that these identity checks typically take up 20% of every conversation.

That’s for outbound too. Nivo finally gives your relationship teams a channel they can reach out to customers through and offer a personal service.

Digitise processes

With the ability to share files and photos, and get legally binding agreements over messaging, it’s simple to digitise existing processes and drive further cost savings through removing paper.

Path to automation

Chatbots and artificial intelligence present the next big opportunities to deliver efficiencies through automation.

By shifting your conversations in to natural language over Nivo, you’re setting yourself up to realise these opportunities through a solution designed to help you innovate.

Identity made easy

Eradicate ID&V overheads and seamlessly on-board new customers.

Nivo was built for Barclays’ contact centres as a convenient solution for having sensitive conversations without forcing customers to prove who they are every time.

Once and done ID&V

Customer Identification and Verification (ID&V) is a major overhead in customer service, taking up about 20% of a typical call.

It’s expensive. And it’s annoying.

With Nivo, you only need to confirm a customer’s identity once, then for all future queries, your agents can get straight in to giving great service.

Personal outbound engagement

For outbound, the experience is even worse as relationship teams could previously only use the phone for personal conversations.

With Nivo, you can reach out to your customers about anything, anytime – as simple as a text message.

Because every institution on Nivo is verified, customers can be confident it’s from your organisation and not a fraudster.

Engage and onboard new customers

Nivo lets new prospects reach you easily.

Then you can talk to them over messaging about their needs, collect sensitive information, make offers, open products and agree terms – all in channel.

If you need to check an identity, you can share photos of documents and selfies.

For comprehensive KYC, call our partner service: JUMIO for a seamless digital identity verification service.

No more posting passports, or visiting branches with a handful of letters.

Federated identity

Nivo lets institutions see how a consumer has previously been identified by other service providers on the network.

This can transform risk decision making, reduce customer friction and create a safer community for everyone.

For a data-driven future

App fatigue has set in while natural language and artificial intelligence present the next big opportunities in a future where data is king.

Nivo lets you offer your customers a personal digital experience over mobile and set yourself up for this future.

Open platforms and natural language

The majority of consumers use 4-6 apps per day on average. That’s less than 10% of the apps they have installed.

It’s clear they don’t want different apps for each of their brand relationships.

Think of the next wave: Siri, Alexa, Slack, Facebook Messenger. These open platforms, based on natural language, represent a shift towards a simpler world of fewer interfaces, where customers ask for what they want in a more human way.

Nivo takes these principles and layers extra security on top. With one secure login, consumers can engage with multiple providers, all in one place, about anything.

Set your chatbots free

The automation potential of artificial intelligence is immense. But, when identity matters, most customers are still forced to phone up.

So most chatbots are constrained to looking after the few things that can be taken care of over unsecure channels.

Nivo lets you shift your sensitive conversations to digital. So you can face your bots in to verified customers, and start your journey to automation without constraints.

Unleash powerful data insight

As the availability of powerful data analytics tools increases, future winners will be those who can show that they understand their customers.

Nivo gives you a text record of all conversations – a goldmine of insight to inform who your customers are, what they want, when they want it, and how they ask for it.

Innovate and integrate

Hook in to leading API services and connect to existing systems

We’ve built Nivo from the ground up on a foundation of APIs to ensure it is flexible and easy to integrate.


Nivo helps you innovate by providing easy access to a range of further value adding customer service technologies.

We’re adding features to keep you ahead of the curve such as real-time identity verification (Jumio) and intelligent real time fraud analysis (Callsign).

These technologies were previously only available to large organisations, requiring significant investment to procure and integrate in to legacy systems.

With Nivo, they’re just there if you want them.

Nivo is also the ideal platform for you to experiment with and deploy new technologies yourself. Think new payments services, artificial intelligence, chatbots, data analysis…

Simply hook in to our APIs and securely face new services in to verified customers.


Our out of the box mobile app and contact centre interface are a great way to access the Nivo platform.

But we also recognise that some organisations will want to access our network from their own mobile apps. or hook in to their strategic CRM systems.

So it’s all designed to support exactly that.

Secure and compliant

Nivo is the only convenient messaging solution suitable for customer service when identity matters.

Built for financial services

Nivo came from, and was built for, financial services.

Our solution brings senior expertise on both technical and operational aspects of security from banking, and makes this available across all service industries.

We don’t rely on people setting their own device security

When sending data to people’s own mobile devices you have to accept that you can’t control how they’re configured. Most apps send notifications with content that appears on a mobile’s lock screen as a default. Great for convenience, terrible for security.

Everyone accessing Nivo comes through two or multi-factor authentication so you can be confident that all messages can only be ready by their intended recipient.

Encrypted, all the time

Data is always encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a symmetric block cipher chosen by the U.S. government to protect classified information.

All data is kept within the controlled Nivo ecosystem so you can be sure that it is always secure, private and under control.

If it says it’s from your bank, then it’s from your bank

Every single service provider on Nivo has been verified and all agents providing customer service are appropriately authorised to do so. That means proper bank-grade due diligence and enterprise level access control.

Institutions control identity of individuals together

Validated institutions identify and verify the consumers in the network. Information on identification activities and details on suspicious activity is shared across the network.

Not only does that make identity management more efficient, it also makes it more secure.

One cloud-hosted copy of conversations

Managing effective data policies in a world of emails, paper, post, SMS and social media is already incredibly difficult.

It is almost impossible to control the proliferation of data, internal and external to an organisation through these channels. GDPR will only make this worse.

Nivo keeps a single record of messages and files on secure cloud services so data management is simpler and safer.

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