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Michael Common: How tech is fighting financial exclusion | Raconteur

12th May 2020

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From improving access to cash through to flexible loan arrangements, technology is helping ease the financial burdens of some living from paycheque to paycheque.

Nivo is one technology provider doing this, improving financial inclusion by making fair services easily accessible, secure, and efficient via mobile. From winning HM Treasury’s affordable credit challenge, Nivo’s CEO Michael Common was featured in Raconteur‘s May addition in the Future of Payments.

See the article at Raconteur
Nivo removes the need for paper and post by giving regulated service providers flexible, mobile-first messaging, protected with bank standard security. Within it, they can deploy a range of FinTech features like biometric identity verification, E-signing, open banking, and automation, giving members convenient access to all the services they offer, without leaving their homes. Click here to demo Nivo. 

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