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More features than you can shake a stick at 🍡

6th Jun 2019

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Many of you will be aware of the features that have been getting added but many of you may not know some of the more granular latest features. Time for a feature blog I thought!

Forms are awesome

The key new introduction over the last few weeks has been forms. Forms are an awesome way to securely gather or validate data in your message threads with customers. You can build a form in seconds. To access the form builder click on the clipboard icon next to the search box on Nivo Hub. Here you can create new forms or edit existing ones. To create or edit a form you can use the standard Nivo identity questions (name, email, address, date of birth) or add customer questions which can have any of the following response types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Address
  • Multiple choice (single select or multi select) 🔥BRAND NEW🔥

Once you’ve created a form, you can post it in a message thread by accessing it through the + menu. You’ll be notified once the customer has completed the form and you can then extract the data from the ‘Completed Forms’ section of the ‘Customer Dashboard’ in the fourth pane of Nivo Hub. The data can be downloaded as a CSV or you can obtain it via our APIs (neat segue)


More and more of you are hitting our APIs to automatically initiate messages and flows. Often this is from customer facing webforms but can also be from back-office tools too. Some have also started to send and receive data into Nivo as a part of automated customer journeys. We couldn’t encourage this more! If you want to be able to automate customer journeys and to send and receive data with no delay or effort, our APIs can do a lot. Be sure to let us know if you’re keen to explore how your existing technology can be linked.

Gather documents in a message ‘card’

You’ve been able to gather documents for a while now by getting customers to press ‘+’ in the app and upload documents and photos or take photos there and then. What’s 🔥BRAND NEW🔥is that when they select the photo upload option they can select multiple photos. A lot less labour intensive for big documents.

Coming soon…..

In the next couple of days we’ll also release a feature which allows documents to be gathered and categorised in the context of a card in a message thread (i.e. it will be a button in a message rather than relying on them pressing ‘+’ in the bottom left). You will be able to request documents this way via a ‘Request Documents’ option on the ‘+’ menu. Once the documents have been collected you’ll be able to view the images and files uploaded in the ‘Customer Dashboard’ in the fourth pane of Nivo Hub under the ‘Document Requests’ section.

Coming shortly after that, we’ll then be able to consolidate all image files collected for a document request into a single PDF. This will make analysis and storage that much easier.

Looking to the future 🔮

Automation is top of the list. In a similar way to how you can build forms you’ll be able to build customer journeys in a bot builder without needing to integrate into the APIs. These journeys can comprise of identity checks, document collection, bank account connections, forms and e-signatures. Look out for early versions of this coming soon. If you are interested in being an early adopter, let us know. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities of this. Effective use of these automated journeys won’t just allow you to operate 24/7, you’ll be freeing up oodles of time to focus on the more bespoke elements of your processes where you add the most value.

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