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More Nivo features 😱

26th Jun 2018

Hot off the back of configurable notifications, and deep-link Nivo invites, we’ve just launched a feature we’re calling “Bulk SMS”

Bulk SMS

Accessible via a new icon next to the create customer icon in Nivo Hub, this lets you copy and paste a table of multiple SMS messages that you want to send. You can include any relevant links, including a Nivo deep-link if desired.

When you send a bulk SMS file, if customers already exist in your folders then they will stay there. If they don’t exist (or are in the archive) then they go to a “Bulk SMS Outbound” folder at the bottom of your folders in Nivo Hub. Just like the behaviour of the “Archive” folder, a customer will move from the “Bulk SMS Outbound” folder into “Main Inbox” when they send an SMS or Nivo message.


Our goal is to connect you to your customers and members with ease. If you’re a user of Nivo, let us know how you get on with these features to help with that, and anything else you think we can do to support you. If you’re not a user of Nivo and are interested in becoming one, please get in touch also.

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