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Easier onboarding for everyone

Built in Barclays by industry experts, Nivo is an instant messaging platform with bank standard authentication, identity verification (powered by Onfido) and encryption features built in.

That’s a level of convenience and trust beyond what’s possible with any other solution.

Nivo puts customer service first. Data is completely private between you and your customers. There’s no ads, affiliate marketing or creepy tracking.

Nivo is available to everyone through free and easy access through Nivo App and Nivo Hub, described below.

Nivo App for consumers

We can add your brand to our mobile app within hours.

Consumers download Nivo App, sign up and create a secure profile in less than a minute.

It’s protected by bank standard authentication so only registered users can get in.

They can then get straight to securely messaging your customer service agents, onboard through seamless mobile identity verification (Onfido), share documents and electronically sign contracts – all as easy as sending a text message.

If you’d prefer to use your own app, Nivo is built on APIs, so it’s also easy to white label in to your own secure mobile solutions.

Nivo Hub for contact centres

Our cloud hosted contact centre solution is designed to be quick and easy to implement with no installation effort required.

We’ll set your agents up with secure two-factor access or by hooking into your own single-sign-on.

A simple traffic light system lets your agents know how and whether the sender of the message has been authenticated and had their identity verified.

Federated identity features show your agents how a customer has been previously identified by other institutions on the network.

There’s a compliant audit trail of exactly who said what to whom, stored as a single record of messages and files in the cloud.

SMS messages can be sent and received from the Nivo Hub interface too.

Because Nivo is built on APIs, it’s also easy to hook into your own CRM tools.

Access new technologies

Nivo helps you innovate by providing easy access to a range of further value adding customer service technologies.

We’re adding features to keep you ahead of the curve such as real-time identity verification (Onfido) and e-signing.

It’s also easy to innovate quickly and cost effectively yourself by hooking in services you want to experiment with and deploy such as payments, artificial intelligence, chatbots, data analysis…

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