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Business banking onboarding process

14th Dec 2017

We’ve been working with a big UK bank on how we could help with their customer onboarding process for their Business Banking division. Here is the example message flow that we put together.

Some of the benefits of using Nivo to onboard customers are:

  • Work in a manner that is convenient to you and your customer, picking up and dropping where appropriate at any time and any location
  • Don’t waste customer time on the phone or in person whilst processing activity is taking place
  • Save time on things which would have to be read over the phone
  • Copy and paste data for validation
  • Insert links for terms and conditions
  • Engage agents in multiple onboarding conversations at once with multiple customers
  • Easily and securely start and manage remote conversations with all owners and key officials associated with the business
  • Consolidate conversation threads for agents which started over channels like SMS or Twitter and which end in Nivo
  • Tailor the conversation to the individual and answer queries on the fly unlike fixed webforms
  • Use the opportunity to promote other relevant products and services
  • Hand the conversation seamlessly across agents
  • Get the customer familiar with Nivo so you can efficiently serve them in Nivo in future

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