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Eradicate Identity & Verification overheads

30th Dec 2017

Nivo is designed for contact centres so that agents can undertake a full range of service without forcing customers to prove who they are every time.

When a customer has verified their identity once, they don’t need to do it again for future messages – inbound and outbound.

The solution was built for banking and is underpinned by leading authentication and identity verification technologies and processes.

Customer Identification and Verification (ID&V) is a major overhead in customer service, taking up about 20% of a typical call.

It’s expensive. And it’s annoying. Especially for the consumers who forget their passwords, which happens a lot. Understandable really, given that most of us have over 30 different passwords.

With Nivo all that inefficiency goes away. You only need to confirm a customer’s identity once, then for all future queries they can get straight to doing whatever it is they want to do. No need to repeat ID&V.

Every Nivo message carries data to confirm how the sender has authenticated and verified. It all happens automatically, in the background, so your agents can focus on giving great service.

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