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Onboard and KYC new customers

30th Dec 2017

Nivo lets you engage new prospects and take them through a convenient and seamless onboarding process over mobile.

Messaging is a great channel for new prospects to reach you on.

It’s convenient for consumers who can go through the process at times to suit them, when they have the right information available, through a seamless digital experience.

You can talk to them over messaging about their needs and collect sensitive information.

With the ability to record selfies and scan documents you can be confident of a consumer’s eligibility and identity.

For a full KYC check, we’re building in JUMIO’s digital identity verification service.

That’s no more posting passports, or visiting branches with a handful of letters.

With our federated identity model, things can get really clever. Institutions can see how a Nivo consumer has previously been identified by other service providers on the network.

This can transform risk decision making, reduce customer friction and create a safer community for everyone.

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