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Overcoming security and compliance issues with WhatsApp and WeChat

14th Dec 2017

This was an interesting use case that came our way. A large global bank had an issue with some of their customers in Hong Kong. Local relationship teams had begun to use WhatsApp and WeChat to communicate and transact with their customers.

Even with WhatsApp, where messages are end to end encrypted, there are a number of challenges with using these channels:

  • The security of messages is only as good as the settings on the phone
  • Compliance to data laws can be difficult
  • How much trust can be established with a user who has only really proven access to a phone number?
  • Can a company be truly confident in the security of their data if they aren’t able to do due diligence on the service?

Putting an application at the backend of WhatsApp or WeChat at best only solves the second challenge. Nivo solves them all and is really easy to implement for institutions by using Nivo App and our cloud-hosted web application for agents, Nivo Hub.

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