About us

At Nivo we believe that getting access to financial and other regulated products is too hard.

Our mission is to connect consumers and providers around the world with ease

Our Story

Nivo was started with a goal to create the best possible future customer experience when dealing with regulated service industries like financial services.

We felt both consumers and providers were missing out through time consuming and laborious onboarding and servicing processes. Consumers weren't getting easy access to what they needed. And providers were spending £millions papering over cracks and missing out on new business.

At the root of all the problems were legacy communication channels. eMail, phone and paper based processes. Whilst the rest of the world was benefitting from the ease, speed and convenience of instant messaging, these industries were languishing in the dark ages for anything their own apps weren't built to handle.

By solving the trust and security issues that prevent other instant messaging networks being used, we knew we could achieve our goal.

Our Values

Customer Obsession

We obsess about customer experiences and journeys. We want our customers to get significant value from Nivo and create infectious advocacy.

Results Focussed

We set targets and own these, using data to measure everything we do and continuously improve.

Driven by Curiosity

To be innovative and creative to find the best way to work.


Freedom to make your own decisions, talk, have an opinion, be challenged. Freedom to own your piece of the business.


We are one collaborative team who are on a journey together. Supporting one another and embracing diversity.


We have an ethical core which is about diversity, environment, respect and integrity

Meet the Team

Michael Common


Matthew Elliott


Symeon Breen


Damon Williams

Sales Director

Colleen O'Brien

Marketing Manager

Michelle Gorman

Office & Finance Manager

Jarred Davies

Customer Success Manager

Daniel Jones

Customer Success Manager

Barry Ryan

Senior Engineer

Jaroslaw Zawila

Senior Engineer

David Andrews

Senior DevOps Engineer

Morgan Feeney

Senior Front-End Engineer

Amanuel Zeleke

Junior Engineer

Natasha Mwafulirwa

Junior Engineer

Eleanor Hart

Junior Engineer

Damian McGann

Non-Executive Chairman

Ian Brookes

Non-Executive Director

Hear from our customers

Regulated service providers all over the UK are leveraging Nivo’s Verified Identity Messaging solution to grow. Discover more about our customers and their success.

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