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Nivo is built by a highly experienced team from the banking sector.

Strong security, control and audit threads is at its core and a key differentiator from the legacy channels like phone, email and paper / post that it replaces.

Data is encrypted at all times and held securely within the cloud in a contained system, only accessible via strong multi-factor authentication. We undertake regular third party penetration and vulnerability assessments and constantly enhance our controls. Nivo operates an Information Security Management System certified to ISO27001, regularly and independently audited.

Integration & branding options

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Key features of Verified Identity Messaging

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Biometric Identity Verification

Be certain that the person you’re engaging with is who they claim to be.

Nivo uses a combination of security, authentication and identity verification controls including biometric AI and encryption.

Simple straightforward steps guide the customer through the process, saving everyone time and effort and removing the risk of fraud.

Secure Instant Messaging

The most popular method of communication is by instant messaging, and today’s customer expects a 24/7 mobile experience.

It’s crucial that security and compliance are in place. Nivo is the only instant messaging network safe enough for banks to trust.

In addition to customer messaging, Nivo also offers secure instant messaging between all providers involved in a transaction.

Integrate to existing technologies

Nivo is built to be quick, easy and secure to integrate into your existing technology stack. We can integrate to anything including webforms, portals, loan origination systems, AI / NLP tools, CRMs, omnichannel tools and decision engines.

You can also distribute any web service in your Nivo conversations such as appointment booking tools, open banking tools, e-signing capabilities, KYC / AML / identity / fraud tools and webforms.

Compliant E-Signing

Because of our extensive security controls and Onfido’s biometric identity verification AI, our e-signatures classify as Advanced Electronic Signatures under EU regulations and provide additional confidence which most e-signing providers lack.

No more waiting for paperwork in the post, or risking document mishandling over email.

Secure document upload and data transfer

Sending confidential information by post and over email opens the door to data breaches.

With several parties needing access, duplication causes unnecessary waste and administrative strain.

With Nivo’s Business-to-Business messaging, a provider can select which documents their intermediaries need, and provide access from one centralised copy, without risk.

Cases and Tasks

Connect all providers and customers involved in a transaction through cases.

Collaborate together through multiple private conversations. Use shared task lists to quickly and efficiently bring cases to successful completion.

Open Banking

Better insight and transparency through a real-time view of bank accounts.

Increase security and efficiency when it comes to sharing private data with a seamless one-channel customer experience.

Automated Audit Trails

Running within Nivo is an audit trail of customer and agent activity at all stages of interaction.

From instant messaging and document sharing, through to identification verification and approvals, to agreement sending and signing. It’s all tracked and time-stamped.

Timesaving Bots

Increase your capacity and reduce customer waiting time with timesaving bots to automate product journeys and progress applications outside of office hours.

Use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies to drive service speed, availability, quality and efficiency.

Through the APIs and webhooks rekeying into other systems can be eliminated. Free your agents to focus on the roles where they add the most value.

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