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One-time discount: white label native app 50% off - offer ends 29 April - boost your brand presence with a proven app customers love.

Make a branded app powered by Nivo’s instant messaging solution a key initiative for the new financial year. Nivo makes it easy for regulated organisations to collaborate and communicate with customers. 

New Customers only. Additional services sold separately.
50% offer valid for life, price subject to change.
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Benefit From:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Cultivate customer loyalty 
  • Cut through the noise of email
  • Strong customer advocacy
  • Quicker, higher quality data, documents, evidence and approvals
  • Drive efficiency and automation
  • Enhance data security

Nivo Features:

  • Customised branded app in the app store
  • A customisable experience for your customers
  • Secure mobile messaging
  • File upload and document sharing
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Messaging automation with bots
  • Compliant e-signing
  • Open banking
  • SMS messaging

The power of white-labelling Nivo 

“I cannot imagine a world where we didn’t have Nivo, we wouldn’t have survived the pandemic without Nivo. Our customers are working during the day so getting hold of them used to be slow. Implementing Nivo’s automation creates a seamless journey from the first interaction to the point of offer.” Buster Tolfree, Commercial Director, United Trust Bank

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