Transform Your Business With Nivo

  • Cut out all fraudulent deals right at the start. (A huge 162% YoY increase in Asset Finance)
  • Gather customer documents within minutes as opposed to hours & days
  • Allow case handlers to process 300% more cases.

Nivo is saving businesses like yours tens of thousands of pounds every year and you can too...

Working with Nivo has transformed the way we process mortgage applications and the benefits of adopting innovative fintech are now being enjoyed across several areas of the Bank

Buster Tolfree, Commercial Director, United Trust Bank

Partnering with Nivo has saved us a lot of time and money. The system was straightforward to implement and customers find it self-explanatory.

Jack Smith, Managing Director, Love Finance

The app has some fantastic built-in features, like electronic application forms, that make it easier for our customers to send us the documents we need to approve their applications.

Catherine O'Brien, Growth and Development Manager, Together

I’ve delivered a lot of technology before, and Nivo was right up there as the simplest to implement.

Andrew McKee, CIO, Ultimate Finance

Receiving customer ID information from Freedom Finance through Nivo allows us to deliver a smoother and quicker journey through a platform that customers can actively engage with. It helps us to reduce identity theft and impersonation risks and has enabled us to eliminate significant amounts of effort.

Users love Nivo too!
We have thousands of 5-star Reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store



Fantastic app



Really easy to use



So easy to use and quick!


Love this!

Lovely app that's easy to load and quick to use!






jayne bostock
Really easy to use app. Simple format so easy for people who are not that tech savvy. Great app x


Miss d

dase 2
Fantastic app easy to use



Very easy app to navigate


Nivo App

Fab app and very simple and easy to use brill



Lpool Lass
Easy to use, very helpful staff, can't fault them!



Easy to use


Fab app

Easy to use


Quick and very helpful

Danny boy 1024
I am grateful for the excellent help and the quick response



Just brilliant



It's easy to use

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