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Why credit unions shouldn’t just copy bank tech

15th Mar 2019

Credit unions are mission-driven, people-orientated organisations. Their focus is on helping people with people. It is clear in the modern era however it has become impossible for them to ignore technology. People are on technology. To help them that’s where credit unions need to be too. The temptation exists for credit unions to look at […]

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Basics of Technology Security for Credit Unions

26th Feb 2019

  Like most things in life, get the basics right and you’re 95% of the way there. Here are our top 10 tips for keeping you and your members secure. 1. Don’t share sensitive information on unsecured channels Channels like email and SMS are regularly compromised these days. Many email accounts may already be compromised. […]

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Is profit a barrier to fairer financial services?

19th Feb 2019

Certainly, it has played a part. The credit crunch was driven by cultures which were excessively motivated by profit. Innovation doesn’t have a conscience Since that point, the financial services industry has created a lot of buzz around fairness and social inclusion. Innovation is being called upon to provide the answer. Despite all this, it […]

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Open Banking is here 🎄🎅

28th Dec 2018

Merry Christmas everyone from Nivo! I hope you’re all looking forward to the new year. I promised big things in my last feature update and big things are indeed here! Two big features no less! Feature 1: Open Banking I know many of you are incredibly interested in what open banking is going to mean […]

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Locking it down 🔒 and dual sigs ✒️

21st Nov 2018

It has been a while since I posted. Sorry 😔 That isn’t because Nivo hasn’t been getting ever better. It is because things are so busy with more and more brands signing up to Nivo. I’ll make sure it isn’t so long to the next one. So what has been happening? I hope you’ve seen most […]

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Speedy authentication 🏎

18th Sep 2018

I hope everyone had a great summer ☀️. We’ve spent the time hard at work improving Nivo for you and your customers (OK, we did have some great holidays too). The main update that’s just gone live is a new PIN authentication mechanism for Nivo App. This service is much quicker than the old one […]

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eSigning has landed 🎉

27th Jul 2018

We’ve been talking about it for a couple of weeks and it is finally here. Of course, you were always able to get customers to write “I agree” to get a strong, legally binding signature. Now though, you can get them to actually sign the screen in a mobile optimised journey. This will give you […]

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It’s getting better all the time 🎸

5th Jul 2018

(First of all an ask) If you haven’t already check out our Facebook page. We’re running a poll this week on where people are most interested in seeing Nivo go next with new features. Please comment and contribute. Do also post questions, comments and ideas on this page so other users of Nivo across organisations can […]

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More Nivo features 😱

26th Jun 2018

Hot off the back of configurable notifications, and deep-link Nivo invites, we’ve just launched a feature we’re calling “Bulk SMS” Bulk SMS Accessible via a new icon next to the create customer icon in Nivo Hub, this lets you copy and paste a table of multiple SMS messages that you want to send. You can […]

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Nivo is even better 🚀

26th Jun 2018

As you know, we’re making Nivo better all the time. Here are a couple of significant new features I wanted to update you on. Configurable Notifications You can now see in Nivo Hub a bell icon next to each folder in the left hand menu. By clicking on this icon you can turn off or […]

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