CLS Money integrates Nivo ‘white label’ app to achieve an industry first

Digital Transformation
September 15, 2020
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New FinTech solution combines Nivo with Salesforce to create end to end digital application processing

Fast growing mortgage brokers CLS Money have teamed up with FinTech specialists Nivo to provide its customers with a fully branded ‘white labelled’ app for progressing mortgage applications and to digitise its end to end sales process.

CLS Money are the first broker operating in the first charge space to adopt the white label service and have gone one step further by integrating Nivo with Salesforce to create a completely automated cloud-based solution.

CLS Money, which assists customers from all over the country, implemented the new system to speed up mortgage applications with quicker customer communications, make the entire journey simpler and create an integrated, intuitive and virtually paperless internal process. Using the new App, which is free to download from App stores, customers can easily communicate with CLS Money, share documents such as bank statements and payslips and e-sign documents.

A further advantage of the new App is that information can be securely shared by lenders, brokers, lawyers and other professionals signed up to the Nivo network. CLS Money are driving to remove emailing from its processing to improve speed of applications and processing, increase adviser efficiency and deliver high levels of security for customer data.

Nivo created the integrated solution within three weeks of first contact with CLS Money, demonstrating the ease at which Nivo’s leading technology can be introduced and adopted by brokers. Key features of the new service include:

  • Integration with Salesforce to create an intuitive end to end process
  • Secure and seamless transfer of selected customer data between CLS Money and lenders with instant messaging between them to progress deals faster
  • Sharing key evidence at the touch of a button – including e-signed agreements, payslips and bank statements gathered from customers through Nivo’s secure mobile app
  • All information associated with a loan case is brought into one thread, organised, easily referenceable, and available to all agents in a single channel

Clayton Shipton, Founder and Managing Director of CLS Money, commented:

“Companies like Amazon and Uber model have changed everything, and customers now expect transactions in other areas of the lives to be just as quick and painless as ordering something on their phone in a few taps and receiving it the next day. Being able to remove posted documents from the equation was an absolute no-brainer. With this new app we’ve reduced the time it takes for a customer to send us essential documents to just a few minutes and made communications feel instant. The process is so much quicker, and the customer can see things moving along with real urgency. They stay engaged with the process to a much greater degree and I’m sure it’s going to make a significant difference to conversion.
“Mobile solutions and secure ‘chat’ style applications are the future. Customers don’t feel they’re being bombarded with ‘spam’ during the application and although we’re not quite ready to call the death of email, it is already looking as antiquated as snail-mail.”

Zach Thomas, Business Development at Nivo, commented:

“I’m delighted that Nivo has been able to help CLS Money deliver an ‘industry first’ in the first charge mortgage sector. Clayton and his team understand the value of digitising processes which make things easier for customers and advisers and this new branded App provides the perfect way for users to access our network of FinTech features and enable a quick and efficient loan application experience.”

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Written by

Stephanie Dymott
Nivo, Marketing