Meet the Nivo team: Introducing Matthew Elliott, Co-Founder

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February 8, 2022
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Hi Mat, please can you share a little bit more about yourself?

I thrive on creativity, people, sports, and the outdoors. I get a lot of this buzz through Nivo because every day involves solving real problems, with autonomy to quickly launch new technologies, an ability to quickly see results, and the potential to realise a big vision.

I also enjoy music, guitar, and sports - running, football, biking, and skiing. A typical weekend sees me as coach or taxi for our kids’ football / tennis / gymnastics / dancing, getting out for some exercise myself and a couple of beers. Get me out on a hill in the fresh air with my wife, kids and golden retriever, and I’m pretty content!

What do you do at Nivo?

I’m focused on business development, how we can establish a team and approach which is world class at understanding clients’ problems, getting Nivo live quickly, and smashing return on investment every time.

Growing a b2b SaaS user base is a fascinating field, there’s always something to improve, and the opportunity for our proposition to transform the industry if we keep on getting better is incredible.

What are you most proud of with Nivo?

We’ve built a service that tens of thousands of people use every month, every second there are people sending messages over our network, and loving it - having thousands of 5-star reviews on a mobile app is extremely rare in this industry, and we’ve achieved that.

We’ve created a team where everyone is passionate about innovation and making a difference, and doing so with values of respect, trust and collaboration.

Nothing beats working with clients where Nivo has made a real difference. You can feel their enthusiasm. During the first lockdown, I had a call from one of our credit union CEO’s, just getting in touch to tell me how Nivo had allowed them to transition to working from home, and to be accessible to people who needed support at a very challenging time.

What is the biggest challenge people in your industry have to deal with that you directly fix?

Most organisations have failed to digitise. They still rely on email, paper and phone, while consumers want smooth mobile experiences. Traditional technology projects have failed to address this and are notorious for failing to deliver as planned.

Nivo can be live in days with no technical effort, allowing brands to shift away from legacy channels to a service that customers love, and it’s so energising to see how quickly this delivers big speed and efficiency benefits.

You can get in touch with Mat about anything mentioned in this interview or Nivo related, via LinkedIn, or find out more about Nivo.

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