Ocean Finance launches Secured Loan App powered by Nivo

April 21, 2021
minutes read

Ocean Finance has launched a secure messaging app to allow customers to track the progress of their second charge loan or mortgage application on their mobile phone.

We’re excited to be launching the partnership with Ocean Finance who are passionate about creating a leading customer experience.

By investing in Nivo, Ocean Finance saw the opportunity to make it even easier for customers to do business with them and save their team a significant amount of time on admin.

It’s great to see that when customers are offered the option to communicate over secure messaging, instead of using email or post, they respond quicker and progress their application faster as a result.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ocean drive more broker<>lender collaboration on the Nivo network and how we can play a role in making the second charge market even more connected.

Read more in this press from Mortgage Finance Gazette:


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Written by

Polly Taylor-Pullen
Business Development, Nivo