QV Systems and Nivo Join forces and deliver world-class transaction journeys for Brokers and Automotive Finance Providers

May 18, 2023
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Leading fintech innovators QV Systems and Nivo have announced a new partnership which gives QV Systems’ customers access to a suite of Nivo’s cutting edge tools to help finance providers and consumers simplify and accelerate their financial transaction journeys.

QV Systems, a pioneering UK-based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, is transforming the asset and automotive finance industry. Founded in 2011 by visionary software designer Daniel Layne, their mission centres around innovating superior financial systems that elevate the experience for businesses and their customers. 

Their flagship product, Accelerate, exemplifies their success, having processed £1bn in quotes, managed over 500k enquiries, and delivered 50k vehicles in the past year. They are proud to serve industry giants, including Zenith and MotoNovo Finance, as well as leading brokers like Synergy Car Leasing, UK Carline, Vanaways, Wessex Fleet and the lcv group.

As QV Systems forges ahead, their commitment remains unwavering: to develop future-ready solutions that meet the evolving needs of the automotive finance industry and to actively drive the future of financing.

Nivo has established a strong reputation in the asset, mortgage and bridging finance sectors for creating and delivering apps and solutions for brokers such as Alpha Asset Finance and lenders including Pepper Money, United Trust Bank and Ocean Finance.

Nivo provides easily integrated solutions which manage and accelerate tasks such as remote identity verification using facial recognition, e-signing, secure messaging and document transfer. The Nivo mobile app enables customers to engage with brokers and lenders 24/7 helping them to deliver all the information they need to progress their application quickly and easily. Nivo already has over 50,000 monthly users and in December 2022 announced that it had received a further £1m investment in the business from The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund by Maven Equity Finance.

For the automotive and asset finance industry, Nivo's technology can help streamline processes, reduce manual effort and errors, and enhance customer experience. With biometric identity verification, finance providers can easily and securely verify the identity of their customers, reducing the risk of fraud and improving compliance. Secure instant messaging and e-signatures provide a fast and secure way for customers to communicate and sign documents, while open banking allows for increased access to customer data and more personalised service. E-forms and document upload make it easy for customers to provide the necessary information and documentation for their finance application, reducing manual effort and errors.

Benefits of Nivo Integration

  • Improved speed and accuracy of transactions: Biometric identity verification allows for fast and secure customer identification, reducing the time and effort required for manual identity checks.
  • Enhanced security and communication: Secure instant messaging and e-signatures provide a safe and convenient way for customers to communicate and sign documents, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.
  • Increased access to customer data: Open banking capabilities allow for better data sharing and more personalised service, improving customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Reduced manual effort and errors: E-forms and document upload simplify the finance application process, making it easy for customers to provide the necessary information and reducing the risk of errors and delays.
  • Expanded service offerings: Nivo's suite of tools opens up new possibilities for finance providers, allowing them to offer more personalised and streamlined services to their customers.

Announcing the partnership, Ron Simpkin, Development Senior Team Lead of QV Systems commented: “QV Systems’ integration with Nivo represents a major step forward for the automotive and asset finance industry, providing new opportunities for finance providers and enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. At QV Systems, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed, and this integration is the latest example of our commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet their evolving needs. By partnering with Nivo, we are able to offer an integrated solution that delivers even more value to our customers, and we are confident that this partnership will deliver tremendous benefits.”

Damon Williams, Sales Director of Nivo, said: “We love working with companies like QV Systems who share our commitment to using intuitive technology to make finance simple.

The Nivo tools now available to QV Systems’ customers can transform the way companies work. Many of Nivo’s customers have found that the traditional way of working requires considerable human interaction, use of legacy channels, and repetition. Lots of skilled staff time can be wasted that could be much better used for higher value activities that really help customers. The efficiencies Nivo brings can not only improve the customer experience but also increase conversion and unleash the company’s ability to grow without a reliance on hiring additional staff. We look forward to seeing how QV Systems’ customers benefit from this exciting partnership.”

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