Selina Finance driving improved customer service with Nivo

May 11, 2021
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Selina Finance is raising service standards in the digital loan market by integrating smart technology from fintech specialists Nivo.

Focused on delivering flexible borrowing to UK consumers and businesses, Selina has utilised Nivo’s white label app to create a quick and easy way to communicate directly with its mobile-first generation of customers and create a smoother journey through a loan application.

In preference to investing in a time-consuming, expensive and ongoing development process internally, Selina has instead chosen to implement the five-star reviewed app and integrate it with its existing customer relationship managements (CRM) systems. The white label version of Nivo’s app can usually be implemented within two weeks.

Selina is using the app to provide a quick, intuitive, and secure way of communicating with customers during a loan application and the ability to create automated query bots for instant messaging. Whenever there is a question not within the automated journeys Selina builds, an operator can step in and either use the chat functionality or arrange a call. The app will reduce Selina’s use of email for communications and move instead to a smooth and convenient mobile experience built on secure instant messaging with higher levels of security and ease of use than that offered by email.

Nivo are also working with Selina to enable further customer friendly and time saving enhancements in the near future. These will include biometric ID verification, E-signatures and document sharing which will enable customers to share documents such as bank statements and payslips simply and securely and help Selina to achieve their aim of a paper-free environment.

Announcing the successful partnership, Randolf Luttner, VP of Strategic Projects at Selina Finance commented:  “We were looking for an easy way to communicate directly with customers and Nivo offered a white labelled app that had everything we were looking for built in, and it was very easy for us to set up.

“We’ve been trying to automate as much as possible and were considering building our own solutions, but it would have been a big effort for our tech team that was already focusing on other areas. This solution works really well in making it easier to serve more customers than we could with just our internal team.”

Emily Pham, customer success manager at Nivo, said: “At Nivo, we’re constantly asking how we can help lenders, brokers and customers interact more smoothly – and providing a white label app that can be up and running inside a fortnight in a secure and seamless environment makes sense to digital lenders.

“Selina operates in a fast-moving market where success rates go up as friction in the application process comes down. We love that Selina have recognised the benefits of Nivo and have embraced the app and its potential and we’re excited to see it help their business blossom going forward.”

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