Why you need to look at secure instant messaging to sign up and service customers

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May 1, 2019
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Why you need to look at secure instant messaging to sign up and service customers

This report outlines research backed recommendations to highlight the priority of offering a mobile experience which is easy to use, efficient and secure. It guides you through the shift in customer expectations, key areas to consider and how to deliver return on investment.

The key findings highlight the opportunity to combine mobile identity verification and secure instant messaging to reduce cost and fraud while improving advocacy and revenue.

Key findings – priority focus areas:

  • Identity Verification - 35% of customers drop out as identity verification is too hard
  • Offer a seamless mobile ID&V, KYC & AML experience
  • Reduce onboarding time from days to minutes and cut fraud

The channel customers love most

  • A majority of customers want to message you for service.
  • Offer full resolution in a single, secure, compliant solution
  • Resolve queries up to 6X cheaper than phone conversion
  • Data driven, personalised insight is key to engagement
  • Show customers you know them & make life easy Improve customer loyalty & spend by 80%

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