Nivo for Bridging Finance

  • Streamline processes, automate the admin, enhance customer experience.

  • Do more deals with the same operation and headcount, by increasing conversions and reducing drop-out.

  • Build strong broker relationships by prioritising speed, reliability, and transparent communication.

  • Encourage repeat business with improved post completion servicing.

To find out more about Nivo and how you can benefit from Verified Identity Messaging contact us today.

What is Nivo?

Nivo is a secure communications system, built specifically for financial services companies for gathering and sharing all the information required to complete a lend. It is used by over 100 organisations, and tens of thousands of customers every month. 

Through the Intermediary <> Lender interface, you’ll get access to a checklist of all items we require to underwrite and complete a lend; what’s done and what’s outstanding. You’ll get instant notifications as a proposal progresses and can message in real time with any questions or comments that may arise. Communicating with us has never been quicker or easier. 

You also get full access to a range of powerful FinTech features to use with all your clients, completely free of charge: 

Biometric Identity Verification

Much safer and more convenient than getting certified IDs, and a key part in strengthening our fraud controls

Compliant E-Signing

Faster and safer than wet signed paper documents

Secure document upload and data transfer

Gathering sensitive personal and financial information over email opens the door to fraud and data breaches

Secure Instant Messaging

Nivo is the only messaging network that is safe enough for banks to trust

Increase Security and Efficiency

Replace unsecure and inefficient communication channels such as post, email and phone.

Nivo is designed specifically for regulated industries



Building Societies




Credit Unions

And other regulated industries

Working with Nivo has transformed the way we process mortgage applications and the benefits of adopting innovative fintech are now being enjoyed across several areas of the Bank

Buster Tolfree, Commercial Director, United Trust Bank

Customers now expect transactions in other areas of the lives to be just as quick and painless as ordering something on their phone in a few taps. Being able to remove posted documents from the equation was an absolute no-brainer.

Clayton Shipton, Founder and MD, CLS Money

By using one of the best facial recognition software on the market, the borrower can provide proof of ID and address whenever they like. This negates the need for face-to-face meetings and also makes it Covid-secure.

Jonathan Sealey, CEO, Hope Capital

Partnering with Nivo has saved us a lot of time and money. The system was straightforward to implement and customers find it self-explanatory.

Jack Smith, Managing Director, Love Finance

We're signing up new members in 15 minutes, all over mobile. It used to take 6 weeks.

The app has some fantastic built-in features, like electronic application forms, that make it easier for our customers to send us the documents we need to approve their applications.

Catherine O'Brien, Growth and Development Manager, Together

95% of our deals are through Nivo and only 5% via post. This means our customers are able to buy much quicker. They don’t have to waste time searching for, printing, and sending documentation. Everything can be completed through the app.

Lesley Laws, COO, The Personal Finance Centre

I’ve delivered a lot of technology before, and Nivo was right up there as the simplest to implement.

Andrew McKee, CIO, Ultimate Finance

So fresh and innovative. Staff and members love it!

Sheenagh Young, Chief Executive, South Manchester Credit Union

Receiving customer ID information from Freedom Finance through Nivo allows us to deliver a smoother and quicker journey through a platform that customers can actively engage with. It helps us to reduce identity theft and impersonation risks and has enabled us to eliminate significant amounts of effort.

Trusted by leading service providers across the UK

To find out more about Nivo and how you can benefit from Verified Identity Messaging contact us today.