Fireside chat - How and Why to Start a New Second Charge Lender

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Craig Collins

Specialist Mortgages Director, Admiral Money

Craig joined Admiral Money in November 2022 to head up the new Specialist Lending Proposition.

Prior to joining Admiral he headed up the Direct-to-Consumer offering for the market leading Second Charge provider, Pepper Money.

Admiral Money are an evolving financial services company and form part of the Admiral Insurance Group. Having already built up two successful product lines in Unsecured Loans and Car Finance they are now exploring the opportunities that exist within the Specialist Lending space. Admiral Money’s aim is to disrupt and challenge the status quo and develop a product suite that is reflective of borrowers’ current and emerging needs rather than aligning to what has gone before.

Dr Leonard Benning

Chief Operating Officer, Selina Finance

Selina Finance entered the secured lending space in 2021 with it's product innovation, the HELOC (home equity line of credit). The HELOC is a line of credit secured against a customer's home as second charge mortgage.

Selina was founded in 2019 by Leonard together with Hubert Fenwick. Prior to bringing the HELOC to the UK, Leonard spent the majority of his professional career in Strategy Consulting with McKinsey & Company.

Damian McGann

Non-Executive Chairman, Nivo

Nivo’s non-executive Chairman has over 30 years’ experience advising SME’s and Corporates on sourcing the most appropriate funding to support their business aspirations, and a deep appreciation of the Fintech environment and emerging lending trends.

Damian previously held executive positions at Multi- National banks directly assisting SMEs and funders with growth plans before setting up Funding Friends, a commercial finance broker.

Damian’s particular areas of specialism are in growth and succession finance such as MBOs / BIMBOS as well as a strong affinity with the hospitality sector.

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