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Locking it down 🔒 and dual sigs ✒️

21st Nov 2018

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It has been a while since I posted. Sorry 😔 That isn’t because Nivo hasn’t been getting ever better. It is because things are so busy with more and more brands signing up to Nivo. I’ll make sure it isn’t so long to the next one.

So what has been happening? I hope you’ve seen most of it, or heard it from me or any of our team, but here’s the list of major changes:

  • In the background, we’ve been tightening up every possible weakness to ensure data in Nivo is safe having been once again robustly independently tested (we regularly do this)
  • You’ll have noticed notifications now hitting your customer message streams. When you or a colleague access an identity report there is a notification. When shared data is changed there is a notification to all brands that the customer is engaged with. When the ID&V level is updated there is a notification. This all ensures your customers understand who is doing what with their data. It also means if somebody has shared data updated (e.g. their name), you are aware of this and can revalidate the identity. In the scenario of shared data being changed by another brand your customer has engaged over Nivo, you’ll notice the new ID&V status “Shared data updated”. Check the customer’s message stream for the relevant notification to find out what has changed. If your procedures demand you re-undertake identity and verfication you can do that.
  • As it becomes more common for customers to engage more than one provider on the network, we’re focussing on supporting making this as easy as possible too. You can of course still see Onfido identity reports if the customer has already run one with any brand on Nivo. What you can also now see is if there has been a PIN reset and/or new device registration since that report was run. If there has, you should probably re-run ID&V again as at least one the customer’s two factors of authentication into Nivo App has been broken.
  • Dual signatures – you can now get two people to sign one document. Just click “+ 2nd signatory” having clicked “Send PDF for signing” via the “+” menu
  • Message recall – there were a couple of instances where messages were getting sent by accident to the wrong person. We’ve improved sign-posting to mitigate the chance of this, but, if it does, as long as the message has not been received on a customer’s phone you can recall it. To do so, click the blue timer in the message. If the timer has changed to a tick, the message has been received on the device so speed is of the essence.
  • APIs – APIs are now available to either instigate messages (e.g. from your website or CRM tool) or to pull messages back into their own infrastructure. Let us know if you’re interested in hooking in yourselves.

As ever, any questions, let us know. I’m very excited about the next updates. Some really big stuff.

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