Case Study

Love Finance balances speed with security

Love Finance is a technology-focused provider helping small businesses with their liquidity through a straightforward and efficient digital platform.

The Challenge

The challenge it had was to balance speed with security. It was struggling to satisfactorily verify potential customers were genuine without going through a laborious process that involved asking for copies of landline or utility bills, or even spending hours driving from the office to perform site checks.

Robust identification and verification were non-negotiable because without proper due diligence, Love Finance would leave themselves open to the risk of fraud that could financially damage their business. However, Love Finance also wanted to be true to its marketing promise of offering business finance in “seconds, not weeks”. This is where Nivo could assist.

The Solution

Love Finance turned to Nivo to provide a fully integrated app-based solution that guided potential borrowers from initial inquiry through the necessary identification and verification (ID&V) checks to a point where a decision could be made on whether to lend. It would revolutionise their service by reducing the application time from days to minutes.

Love Finance already knew that around half its business came through mobile applications, so had confidence that new customers would be comfortable using Nivo’s ID&V software.

The process involved the potential borrower being prompted to download the Nivo app where their documents – a driver’s license or passport – could be photographed and biometrically verified against a live ‘selfie’ video where they’d complete simple tasks such as turning their head or relaying random numbers, thus proving it wasn’t pre-recorded.

Once completed and submitted,  AI technology developed by Onfido, assessed the information and the Love Finance team received a report with a traffic light system of multiple verification criteria, making it easy even for the untrained eye to conclude whether the applicant was legitimate.

The Result

Love Finance now enjoys a far more efficient system to verify potential customers and has seen its business prosper.

It not only brings the initial onboarding time down from three days to a matter of hours but offers a more robust and compliant checking service to help fight the ever-present threat of identity fraud.

Managing Director, Jack Smith says:

“Our identification processes were previously very old school to eliminate the risk of fraud. For any deal over £25,000 we would have to perform a site visit. Partnering with Nivo has saved us a lot of time and money. The system was straightforward to implement and our customers find it self-explanatory to use.
“It’s cut our larger deal completion time down and means there is no downtime on sales, with our site visits being reduced by 83%. It also eliminates the risk of fraud in a way our old processes couldn’t. I expect this to drop our fraud rates by 90% and that certainly helps us sleep at night.”






Birmingham, UK

"Partnering with Nivo has saved us a lot of time and money. The system was straightforward to implement and customers find it self-explanatory.”

Jack Smith
Managing Director

Nivo Provided

Biometric ID&V

Advanced document verification and facial biometrics technology verify identities.


Streamline information gathering with flexible forms.

Secure Filesharing

Customers can instantly upload payslips, bank statements, and proof of address.


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