Case Study

Using White-Labelled Nivo, Ocean Finance reduced their processing time by an average of 7 days

Joining our CEO Mike Common, Ocean Finance's Geoff Dearden, Managing Director,  Vanessa Gresty, Processing Manager, and Warren Leigh, New Business Director discuss the challenges their customers faced pre-Nivo, the implementation process, and key results of the service. 

Founded in 1991, Ocean Finance is on a mission to remove the hassle out of applying for
credit. With an industry leading online secured loan application, Ocean is at the forefront of how digital transformation is changing the future of financial services. Customers expect the best digital experiences and Ocean, sought the best technology solution for their customers.

The challenge 

Ocean have always been focused on constant improvement of the customer journey, seeking ways to improve interactions at every step of the journey.  

During the pandemic, Ocean found that many customers didn’t have access to printing and scanning facilities while working from home meaning email wasn’t possible. With lenders requiring signatures on documents, Ocean needed to post documents which caused delays in the end to end journey.

Ocean Finance reviewed a number of CRM solutions, but ultimately choosing Nivo based on the all-encompassing white-label solution.

The results 

Using Nivo, Ocean Finance reduced their processing time by an average of 7 days. Using advanced facial recognition technology built into the Nivo powered App to confirm the identity of customers, Ocean worked with their panel of lenders to agree to the acceptance of e-signature on documents.

The instant and secure messaging via the Ocean App has proven to be indispensable. It isn't always possible for customers to pick up the phone, so being able to interact over the app to respond to a request, upload a photo, or electronically sign a document at their earliest convenience is proving effective. Using Nivo, Ocean automated workflows to communicate with customer 24/7 which has significantly reduced the end to end journey time.

The Benefits


Everyone can appreciate that dealing with people’s finances is a very sensitive matter. It is important to provide customers with as much confidence and security from the offset. It made sense for Ocean customers to be able to download an Ocean branded app and keep the brand awareness aligned. 


Case Managers are able to handle larger volumes of work. With one central source of data, all conversations and notes are in one place, which means the response time is quicker and more personable, as opposed to a formal email or communication via the post. This has also proven useful when colleagues are on holiday, as work can seamlessly be picked up and progressed with little repetition or interruption for the customer. 


As with any new technology, there is always an expectation that the implementation can be difficult. In this case, however, the ease of use surprised both the internal team and Ocean customers. Taking advantage of the Nivo customer success team meant that Ocean’s customer journeys were intuitively mapped and tailored automation put in place to create a coherent customer experience. 

The future 

Ocean Finance plans to streamline all communication between Brokers and Lenders using Nivo, resulting in a much improved end-to-end journey. It would be great if there was an industry-wide shift in the adoption of this technology. 

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Financial Services




Nivo Provided

Biometric ID&V

Advanced document verification and facial biometrics technology verify identities.

Business to Business Messaging

Simple and secure transfer of case documents and data between intermediaries.

Compliant E-signing

Necessary controls ensure the signatory is who they claim to be.

ID Passporting

Seamless transfer of a customers’ verified identity reports across organisations.

Message Automation with Bots

Automated customer journeys can progress applications out of office hours.

Technology Integration

Nivo was integrated into their current tech stack for increased efficiency


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