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Penny Post Credit Union Deliver Improved Customer Service with Verified Identity Messaging

Jas Kaur is the Chief Operations Officer of Penny Post Credit Union at the Wolverhampton Office. Established in 1996, Penny Post CU went through a merger with Voyager Alliance Credit Union last year. They currently have an office in Wolverhampton and Manchester, using Nivo across both the offices. Jas started as an apprentice almost seven years ago and worked her way up, gaining valuable exposure across the CU’s operations. 

How did you do things differently before Nivo and what challenges were you trying to overcome when you joined Nivo?

A massive factor was efficiency, prior to having Nivo the main forms of contact were email, telephone, & post. So you could come in some days and you'd have about 60/70 emails and you’re typing out by hand, every single reply for similar enquiries i.e. if you’re giving a balance ten times, think about how many times you have to key that in. With Nivo we’ve been able to use the bots for a lot of that. Even forms - Nivo has the ability to send forms across which is brilliant for example, if a member changes their bank details they can do it through Nivo. Whereas before we would post it to them which could take days up to a week.

Other significant factors for us were speed and access, especially with loan applications. For example, being able to sign credit agreements on the Nivo app among other features made Nivo cost comparable compared to standalone services like DocuSign. Loan applications are a streamlined journey on Nivo which breaks it down step by step into manageable chunks, plus members can fill in an application at a time that's convenient to them via automated journeys (Nivobots). The fact you can tailor the Nivobots yourself means we can reflect the language of our Credit Union and how our advisors might speak, this customisation allows us to retain a personable impression for when we’re not open.

In terms of member feedback, have you had much from members in how they found the experience?

We actually started compiling a list of Nivo feedback because we wanted to be sure that it was having a good impact on the members as well as us and most of our members have said how easy it is to use.

Have you been able to attract new members by offering Nivo that you might not have otherwise?

Yes - people apply for loans via Nivo and then join our Credit Union as they’ve already got the app and applied for a loan. It's just the additional step of joining us.  



Credit Union





Nivo Provided

Compliant E-signing

Necessary controls ensure the signatory is who they claim to be.

Message Automation with Bots

Automated customer journeys can progress applications out of office hours.


Streamline information gathering with flexible forms.


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