Case Study

99% of consumer interaction with UTB is through the Nivo white-labelled app.

United Trust Bank (UTB) has been a long-standing customer of Nivo, working with us for almost three years. UTB is one of the early tech adopters in the mortgage sector.

The challenge

The initial interaction with Nivo came from the desire to innovate existing processes, speed up customer interaction and ultimately get higher conversions.

UTB is an introducer-led bank, which requires communication between lenders, brokers and the end consumers. Prior to engaging Nivo this communication was handled over the phone, email and in the post. All of which are typically slow and unsecure when it comes to sharing information.

Buster, Director of Mortgages at UTB was looking to improve the way information was transferred with less effort for the customer and lender. Before advancing on funds there is a substantial amount of information collected. This process can be time-consuming per customer and typically requires two lenders on each application. It results in quite a heavy time resource that an innovative bank does not have.

“We researched the market to see what different service providers had to offer. Despite there being numerous companies that claimed to have ID verification, a form of digital messaging and document transfer capabilities, we were not satisfied with the solutions available. When we met with the Nivo team we were instantly blown away and impressed by the functionality we didn’t know we needed.” Buster Tolfree, Director of Mortgages

The results

One of UTB’s core initiatives is to remain ahead of the competition and the best way to achieve this differentiation is technology. However, the bank does not have an endless pit of money to trial numerous solutions. Working with experts that have invested the time and R&D into an advanced solution just makes sense.

UTB have had more success using the app than the old school communication tactics they had previously used. Nivo is the best for the buck out of all the technology.

“I cannot imagine a world where we didn’t have Nivo, we wouldn’t have survived the pandemic without Nivo.” Buster Tolfree

The Nivo solution

The Nivo platform does more than one singular action, it is more than an ID verification, document transferring, or instant messenger. By housing everything in one app makes it easier for the customer, the lender, and the broker, ultimately resulting in quicker conversions.

“Our customers are working during the day so getting hold of them used to be slow. Implementing Nivo’s automation creates a seamless journey from the first interaction to the point of offer. We can text customers throughout the day and they can respond when it suits their schedule.”

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“When introducing automated services, it’s not unusual to accept some negative elements. On this occasion, there was no downside."

Buster Tolfree
Commercial Director

Nivo Provided

Compliant E-signing

Necessary controls ensure the signatory is who they claim to be.

Business to Business Messaging

Simple and secure transfer of case documents and data between intermediaries.

Message Automation with Bots

Automated customer journeys can progress applications out of office hours.

ID Passporting

Seamless transfer of a customers’ verified identity reports across organisations.

Biometric ID&V

Advanced document verification and facial biometrics technology verify identities.

Technology Integration

Nivo was integrated into their current tech stack for increased efficiency

White labelled App

All of the power of the Nivo App, live in the app stores under our client’s brand


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