Information we share when you contact a service provider over Nivo

We’re committed to being transparent with how we manage your data. Wherever we share data, our goal is to make it easier for you to get what you need from the service providers on the Nivo network.

When you contact a service provider over Nivo, you are consenting to us sharing with them some of the data we may have already collected. That data is detailed below. The data we share would have been directly provided by you through registration, completion of questionnaires in Nivo or through your authorisation on an identity check or a bank account connection. If you update your data through any of these mechanisms with any service provider in future, then all of the providers you have consented to seeing your identity data will be able to see the updated or new data.

The data we share with service providers you contact over Nivo if we have it is:

- Mobile telephone number
- Current address
- Email address
- The results of any identity scanning and facial recognition checks you have done
- Any active open banking / credential sharing reports you have authorised access to
- Bank account number
- Bank address
- Bank sort code
- Business account number
- Business sort code
- Bank account transaction data
- Date of Birth

For more information about how we manage your data, see our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this, or want to remove consent for any organisation, please get in touch by emailing


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