Create a better customer experience

85% of customers who apply for a financial services product end up dropping-out.

Customers today won't put up with filling out countless forms, switching channels, mailing documents, and waiting weeks for their product to be processed.

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Benefits of secure mobile messaging

Switching your customer journey from paper, post, email, and telephone creates growth and customer advocacy

Reduces dropoff

Moving from an online application to another channel is inconvenient. For each channel change in your consumer journey, expert a 30-50% drop off.

Saves time

We’ve analysed a lot of loan journeys. From errors in manual form completion to manual steps repeatedly undertaken by different parties, there is always a huge amount of time wasted.

Reduces costs

Mailing documents adds days to a deal and is expensive over time. Nivo removes the need for paper and post while allowing providers to serve more.

What’s wrong with email?


Some companies use emails when gathering sensitive information from customers or partner institutions, but they shouldn’t.

Email puts you and your customers at risk of fraud and embarrassing data leaks.

Nivo has three layers of protection and a built-in audit trail, tracking where files are going and who’s seeing them.

EMAIL wastes time

In a crowded inbox of email chains and large files, employees must search through a lot of information to find their next action.

Nivo brings everything in one channel, organised and easily referenceable.

Messaging gives transparency and instant action to a deal. Everyone knows where they are in the process.

How Nivo stacks up

Paper, Post and



Ease of application process


Compliant security

Several layers of protection, including encryption and identity verification

Not compliant or secure

Telephone is compliant with security questions

Cost to providers

Expensive in post fees and time

Affordable contracts

Operational inefficiencies & expensive data risk

Expensive in client loss & operational inefficiency

Quality of Experience


Convenience for your customer

Very inconvenient

Flexible and easy

Fairly inconvenient



Difficult to know what stage you are in a deal

One channel, where information is shared instantly, so you know exactly what's happening

Cluttered with information and files, so information is easily missed

Often missed, making it hard to find out where you are in the process

See their case study

95% of our deals are through Nivo and only 5% via post. This means our customers are able to buy much quicker. They don’t have to waste time searching for, printing, and sending documentation. Everything can be completed through the app.

Lesley Law


See their case study

“By using one of the best facial recognition software on the market, the borrower can provide proof of ID and address whenever they like. This negates the need for face-to-face meetings and also makes it Covid-secure.”

Jonathan Sealey


See their case study

“Receiving customer ID information from Freedom Finance through Nivo allows us to deliver a smoother and quicker journey through a platform that customers can actively engage with. It helps us to reduce identity theft and impersonation risks and has enabled us to eliminate significant amounts of effort."

Craig Collins

Wholesale Director for Optimum Credit

See their case study

"So fresh and innovative. Staff and members love it!"

Sheenagh Young

Chief Executive

See their case study

We're signing up new members in 15 minutes, all over mobile. It used to take 6 weeks.

Maureen Paterson

Head of Finance/Deputy CEO

See their case study

“I’ve delivered a lot of technology before, and Nivo was right up there as the simplest to implement.”

Andrew McKee


See their case study

“Companies like Amazon and Uber model have changed everything; customers now expect transactions in other areas of the lives to be just as quick and painless as ordering something on their phone in a few taps. Being able to remove posted documents from the equation was an absolute no-brainer.”

Clayton Shipton

Founder and Managing Director

See their case study

“When introducing automated services, it’s not unusual to accept some negative elements. On this occasion, there was no downside."

Buster Tolfree

Commercial Director

See their case study

"Partnering with Nivo has saved us a lot of time and money. The system was straightforward to implement and customers find it self-explanatory.”

Jack Smith

Managing Director

See their case study

“The app has some fantastic built-in features, like electronic application forms, that make it easier for our customers to send us the documents we need to approve their applications."

Catherine O’Brien

Growth and Development Manager

See their case study

"There are benefits to using Nivo that you don’t even realise until you go live. We wish we started a lot sooner.”

Josh Bowe

Head of Digital Operations

EXPERT REPORT: ‘Why Messaging is Essential for Customer Engagement’

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