Enterprise-grade data protection

Nivo was built by a senior team coming from a leading UK bank. Through their decades of experience, they have developed some of the market’s leading onboarding solutions.

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Trusted by clients across
regulated services

Safeguards your organisation and data at every layer

Bank standard technology, delivered in three ways

Multiple shields of protection

You can have certainty that the person you are engaging with is who they claim to be.

Nivo uses a combination of security, authentication and identity verification controls including biometric AI and encryption.

Compliant e-signing you can trust

Nivo’s e-signing has been approved by leading lawyers.

Because of our extensive security controls and Onfido’s biometric identity verification AI, our e-signatures classify as Advanced Electronic Signatures under EU regulations and provide additional confidence which most e-signing providers lack.

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ISO/IEC 27001

Focused on user experience without sacrificing compliance

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Remove risk in data transfer

Financial institutions often use email to transfer customer data to partner organisations, sending large files on email chains. This opens the doors to data breaches.

With Nivo’s Business-to-Business messaging, a provider can select which documents their intermediaries need, and provide access from one centralised copy.

Accessible audit trail

Running within Nivo is an audit trail of customer and agent activity at all stages of interactions.

From messaging conversations and document sharing, through to identity verification and approvals, to agreement sending and signing. It’s all being tracked and timestamped.

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