Calling Financial Services: Manage telephony demand and stay open

March 24, 2020
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It is impossible to browse the internet now without seeing messages like this:

It is a catch-22. Customers want support and reassurance at a time when operations are under massive strain with social restrictions in place. Telephone, paper and post, and unsecured email are showing their age. Luckily, the technology now exists to provide much better communication.

Nivo: The Only Instant Messaging Network Secure Enough for Financial Services

Internally at Nivo we have stepped up our use of services like Slack. In my personal life, I am also turning to WhatsApp to maintain communications with friends and family. Instant messaging works as a simple, efficient, effective and interpersonal way of communicating.If you are working in financial services or another regulated industry, you would likely be prevented from using most messaging services for anything other than generic marketing activity. This is for good reason; these services have extremely limited security, assurance of identity and data control.

Nivo is designed to be a messaging network specifically for sensitive conversations in regulated industries. It gives you a secure messaging capability and immediate access to highly valuable technologies like identity scanning, facial recognition, and e-signatures. Because it is a cloud-based solution, the solution also lends itself well to remote working.

We're Here to Support Your Business Continuity

I’d encourage you to get in touch if you are experiencing any of the following issues. Our solution is proven to have a significant impact on them all. We can have you trained and operational in a couple of hours with no technical effort:

  • Struggling to maintain service with staff working remotely
  • Call centres becoming overwhelmed with telephone calls
  • Frustrated customers stuck on call waiting queues
  • Limited resources to rapidly deploy the latest technology
  • Reliance on physical paper documents which can’t now easily be obtained
  • Reliance on unsecured channels like email for gathering sensitive information exposing you and your customers to significant risk

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Written by

Michael Common
CEO & Co-Founder, Nivo