Innovation in Second Charge: Optimum Credit & Freedom Finance Launch Industry-leading Solution

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March 9, 2020
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This breakthrough takes things one step further to improve efficiency between brokers and lenders.

Customers applying for a second charge mortgage with Optimum Credit via Freedom Finance can now use Nivo’s secure communications platform to 'Nivo ID Passport' their personal details and biometric identity profile from broker to lender, cutting out days of effort and speeding up approvals.Freedom Finance has been using Nivo to digitise their broker operations since 2018. The technology allows customers to engage with over secure instant messaging and combines features such as biometric identity verification and open banking to improve the application process.

Traditionally, the broker would send a courier to verify ID documents and evidence for the loan. These documents would then be sent by post or email to the lender, and the lender would then complete various compliance checks.

Now, using Nivo there is just one central copy of a customer’s personal information and identity data. It is owned by the customer, who has complete control over providing consent to allow for any particular service provider on the Nivo network to view it. In the face of increasing cyber-crime, fraud and data privacy concerns, this is a much more transparent, safer and efficient way of sharing sensitive personal data.

Craig Collins, Wholesale Director for Optimum Credit said, “Receiving customer ID information from Freedom Finance through Nivo’s secure platform allows us to deliver a smoother and quicker journey through a platform that customers can actively engage with. It helps us to reduce identity theft and impersonation risks and has enabled us to eliminate some traditional processes saving significant amounts of customer effort. Being able to offer this service helps us keep ahead of the market by delivering a great experience for our customers.”

Innovation in Second Charge: Joshua Bowe, Freedom Finance

Josh Bowe, Head of Digital Operations for Freedom Finance said,

“We hear a lot of talk in the industry about a future where customers can share a central trusted identity with multiple providers, so we’re proud to have partnered with Nivo to actually make it happen for the first time in our industry. It’s the latest in a series of customer-focused improvements we’ve delivered together, and we’re already seeing the benefits of Nivo ID Passporting in increasing the number of customers through to Optimum Credit through the service.”

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Nivo is focused on shaking up the lender/broker market, speeding up processes while improving customer experience and reducing risk. Our range of advanced features such as messaging, biometric identity verification, e-signing, open banking, chatbot services and shared identity passporting (Nivo ID Passporting) help brokers and lenders offer a market-leading, mobile-first customer experience. Please get in touch to learn more about our solutions or book a demo.

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