Verified Identity Messaging is a "no-brainer" solution for Specialist Finance

November 22, 2022
minutes read

This panel discussion, introduced by Mike Common and chaired by Matthew Elliott, expands on the question "is email holding back specialist finance?" to highlight the dangers of traditional communications channels such as paper, post, email and phone, and the inadequacies of portals.

With thanks to panel contributors: Buster Tolfree - United Trust Bank, Alice Williams - Ultimate Finance, Paul Spinks - Alpha Asset Finance

Panel insights 

In utilising the Nivo app, United Trust Bank has not only responded to customer demand for friendly chat-based communication but also removed the most time-heavy elements of the application process. The time spent completing an application has been reduced from 15 minutes on the phone to seconds within the app. A dramatic increase in efficiency when dealing with thousands of applications a month. 

Alpha Asset Finance has implemented Nivo to remove the risk of identity fraud through verified identity checks. Not only has this served to increase their trust with lenders (secure in the knowledge that any deals were legitimate), but it has also improved the experience for customers, reducing the effort needed on their part and increasing the security. 

Alice Williams from Ultimate Finance highlights the power of the Nivo app to remove the duplication of effort and the number of requests for information between the broker, the lender, the solicitors and the borrower. Streamlining this process not only makes everything much quicker, but it also frees up administration time, reducing the menial tasks and giving more opportunities to chase higher-value work.


Nivo is the only instant messaging network that’s safe enough for banks to trust. Designed specifically to help regulated service providers, it’s packed with advanced FinTech features to help streamline communications and get more deals completed, faster. 

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Written by

Mat Elliott
CDO & Co-founder, Nivo