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Freedom Finance has experienced a 90% increase in advisor productivity and outcome down to having Nivo as an application partner.
“Typically, an admin person probably did about 20-30 cases and now they’ve got 50-60 cases. CLS is doing a lot of higher value with admin costs at the lowest they’ve been in 2 or 3 years.”

Receive 10 free checklists* 

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*You’ll receive 10 free checklists* within 1 year of the first checklist being submitted. After that point, it will be possible to buy licenses starting at £100 per month for one user which will include 50 credits per month. Additional user licenses and credit packages are available alongside other products such as your owned branded mobile app, integration capabilities, and enhanced support.

Credit based features:

  • ID&V check - 5 credits
  • Open Banking connection - 2 credits
  • e-signature - 1 credit
  • Up to 10 SMS segments sent - 1 credit