Onboard and service customers from anywhere, 24/7

Send sensitive documents, verify identities, and connect with secure mobile messaging.

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Simple to get started

Communicate with Confidence

Three layers of protection allows customers to upload sensitive documents and personal data, without risk.

Accelerate with FinTech

Customers can be guided through flexible journeys using FinTech features like biometric ID&V, automation and open banking.

Make it Official

Electronic contracts can be distributed and e-signed with our technology, which is safer and more secure than traditional methods.


Improves Customer Experience

Flexible to location
Faster decisions
Easy onboarding, 24/7
Removes process friction
Instant responses

Increase Sales

Reduce drop-off through faster speed
Serve more customers at once
Grow customer loyalty
Save time, costs, resources
Make products accessible

Mitigate Risk

Meet KYC / AML obligations
Automatic audit trail keeps information safe
Enable remote working
Identities verified and network secure
Replaces unsecure email


Removes paper, post and email
Quick to set up
Advanced fintech features already built-in
Bank-standard security

Operate Efficiently

Automate information gathering
Files and data are all in one place
Instantly receive documents from the customer
Fast and secure e-signing
Learn about our technology and branding options

Nivo was built on open APIs, making  it easy to connect it to your current systems.

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It’s quick to get started with Nivo. See for yourself how we make financial services fast, simple, and secure.

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